The Moon Child Diary

Très heureuse de faire partie de l'aventure The Moon Child Diary
du superbe magazine Enfants Terribles

photo de couverture  Céline Hallas

All photographers and artists contributing to this special issue, have worked with one out of seven chapters to create a unique visual storybook for you to be drawn into.  Creating a room where hope and dreams can grow, thrive and blossom seems more important than ever and The Moon Child Diary is a story we need to tell.
All stories have a beginning and an ending and ours will have something that looks like it to, but the truth is that the best stories never end... In stead they continue to live on in the minds of the reader, who then becomes the wonderfully untamable co-narrator of the story. 

Our intention with this very special issue is also to say that it's time for something new. For you and for us. This will be the last issue of Enfants Terribles Magazine in this form. Letting go of our initial shape and letting things happen feels right. It doesn't mean that this is the end for Enfants Terribles Magazine. We actually have no idea what will happen. Except change. Change needs to happen. And then we'll go from there. No sad goodbyes.
The child that knows,
we have no heart,
will look forever,
never to find,
what we all dream,
big or small or in between,
growing up or growing free,
hope is where you are me.

  J'ai illustré le chapitre 2 intitulé: We have no heart

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